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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1909-1911 T206 American Beauty Back RC 460 Subjects, PSA Authentic Altered!

Today's post is a long-time coming as I've owned this card for probably well over a year. I cracked it out of an SGC Authentic holder in an attempt to get it into a PSA holder with an actual grade as American Beauty Back T206s came smaller because the packs of cigarettes they were in also happened to be smaller than other brands of cigarettes. It still returned in an Authentic holder as it must be trimmed but it's an amazing card aesthetically-speaking and one I'm thrilled to have as one of two centerpieces in my Zack Wheat Collection.

It took two tries to get PSA to holder this -- why I don't know, I suppose I had to specify I wanted it in a holder regardless but that seems obvious to me when I send something in to be graded -- but it was worth the wait as it looks great in the PSA slab. It pairs well with the first Wheat T206 RC I landed a while back.

Here's the American Beauty Back. T206 Museum -- an awesome website I'd recommend checking out -- puts the American Beauty backs right in the middle of the pack except for those which are 460 subjects. That makes my Wheat the 15th scarcest back and by far the most unique back I have on any of the T206s I own.

Here's what the card looked like when I originally purchased it in its previous plastic tomb, the SGC Authentic holder.


  1. I love seeing T206 cards on blogs! I wish I had more incoming so that I could write more about them.

  2. Altered or not... that Wheat is sweet!