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Monday, February 5, 2018

Roy Campanella PC Pickup: May 1957 Sport Magazine (On The Cover)

My good friend and coworker Mike recently passed along this really cool oddball addition to my Roy Campanella PC. It'll be one of many oddball additions I'll be posting on in the coming weeks and months as I need little else and oddball stuff is just super awesome in general.

This is a Sport Magazine issue from May of 1957 featuring Campy and a pair of other Hall of Famers on the cover. The cover also mentions Jewish legend Hank Greenberg which is a nice touch.

The inside feature touches on whether Campy could rebound and be healthy in leading the Dodgers after hand issues in 1956. That badass shot of Campy above accompanies the article.

Maybe my favorite non-Campy aspect of the magazine is what you see above: a still-intact mail-in advertisement for future issues of the periodical. Well, that and all of the gun ads inside. Guns and tobacco: the only things people enjoyed in the 50s.


  1. Lve the old mags. Gave even adding mire to the collection lately. I'll have to look for one of these because of Spahn

  2. I love looking at old magazines. This is a great pickup