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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1925 Universal Toys & Novelty Brooklyn Robins Team Card Hand-Cut, PSA 1!

When I landed the Zack Wheat card from the '25 Universal Novelty Toys set I also scooped up a couple more cards along the way. I didn't expect to win the below but I'd never seen it and as so often happens my bid held up in the end.

Wheat is somewhere within that group of old-timey Robins/Dodgers. The back is blank and the card is the epitome of poor as it's missing a corner, has numerous creases, and even has a tear or two. But damn is it ever cool in its oversized glory. It is a most welcome addition to the Wheat Collection indeed.

My favorite discoveries as I've looked over this team card are the young child in the front row and the team (?) dog which I suppose must have been a mascot. It also appears as if this photo was taken on the yard at a penitentiary.


  1. That's a great buy. You don't see these too often. I bet the pic was taken during spring training.

  2. My goodness that's a cool addition. Ernest's reply got me to digging and sure enough that's Green Field in Clearwater. It was home to the Dodgers spring training back then. Check out this gallery for pics. A couple of pics in to the gallery and you'll see that distinctive fence.

    Green Field in Clearwater

  3. Thanks gents! And appreciate the help, those pictures are pretty rad!

  4. After digging... I discovered that the little boy in the front row is none other than future Dodgers hall of famer... Pee Wee Reese. Just kidding. I just wanted to sound like I was a great cardboard detective like Ernest and The Commish. Now I just sound like 71 year old guy who has the mannerisms of a 10 year old boy who spends way too much time on Twitter.