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Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Can Still Be Tempted

Though I've severely narrowed down my collecting interests when it comes to what I actually pull my wallet out of my pocket for, I can still be swayed by something that catches my eye. This usually means two things: the card is of a guy I seriously used to collect, and the price is essentially dirt cheap.

Both of those attributes were met when the above Matt Kemp card popped up on eBay recently. It's not that I still don't love Mattycakes; I always have and always will. But his cardboard became much more affordable, I have a ton of it and one of the better Kemp PCs out there, and I decided I'd rather focus on (mostly) vintage quality than quantity and some guys had to be moved aside to make that happen.

This beaut -- numbered 06/25 -- was only $6.70 delivered and is not just a new addition to my Bison PC. It is also a new addition to the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes rainbow I'm sort of kind of not working on but have a good portion of.


  1. Patch auto of a guy destined to be in the Hall of Very Good for $6.70? I'd pay that all day. Congratulations!

  2. Thats an awesome price for that card. 10 years ago it would probably have been 5x that price easily.