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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 11: Pistol Pete Maravich SP, Slabbed A PSA 8!

Here's a card I've actually owned for a couple of months now and though it's officially number 11 on the countdown to 20, it was acquired before roughly half a dozen of the other 1972 Icee Bear PSA 8 cards I picked up. One of the absolute best looking cards in the entire set, I present the one and only Pistol Pete Maravich.

So as it turned out I was able to sell two items I didn't want that I received for free -- an auto-jersey rookie card and mid-end cologne of all things -- for a total of $43.43 after eBay and PayPal and shipping fees. I used $36 of that to nab this awesome Maravich card that I did want and did need for my set build. On top of that, I also walked away with $7 and change. Free lunch!

Even if I was not working on this set, I would trade away the card I didn't care about and unused cologne I was never going to use for this sweeeeet Maravich 100 times out of 100. When you add in that I am working on the set.....

Oh, and the Pistol Pete Icee was the cheapest of any 8 that has sold in the last two years and is well below the VCP average on the card. I rarely execute or even attempt an eBay hustle, but damn I must say I'm pretty thrilled and proud of this one I was able to achieve.

The Maravich was the first Icee Bear card I had ever seen and before I decided to undertake the set project I knew the Pistol card itself had to end up in my collection. It's just such a fantastic photo....the man looks like the long-lost Beatle.

This is actually the second Icee Pete I own as I grabbed an ungraded card and sent it in to PSA before buying the 8. The first copy came back a 7. I still have it, although I tried selling it on eBay. Someone bought it but never paid. Not a horrible card to have a dupe of though I'd wager I'll end up moving the 7 one of these days.


  1. Great card, great deal. Congrats.

  2. Anytime you can flip some unwanted cardboard or cologne for a vintage HOFer that's part of a set you're building... it's a good transaction.

    P.S. I've really gotta start listing unwanted cards on eBay.