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Friday, April 20, 2018

Roy Campanella: 1950 Drake's Cookies Oddball Pickup (BVG 3 Very Good)

Many of you recently took advantage of the 15% back in eBay Bucks promotion that ran for a couple of days. I decided to finally nab a card I've been after for a long time, a major and early need for my Roy Campanella Collection.

I had been keeping my eyes on this BVG 3 VG copy of Roy's 1950's Drake's Cookies card for a while and decided to make my best offer to the seller during the promotion. I sent him an offer for 75% of his asking price and he immediately accepted. I landed this beaut for far less than the last BVG 3 copy VCP tracked sold for, and to get 15% back in eBay Bucks made it that much better a deal.

I've always loved picking up oddball issues and when they also happen to showcase one of my primary PCs, it's just sweet icing on the cake. Or cookies, as the case may be. While the set itself may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing, I do like that it's a different shot of Roy than I usually come across and that the crease is not on a vital part of the card and doesn't impact the eye-appeal.


  1. Never seen one of these. Very cool. Great use of your 15% off coupon.

  2. Great looking card. I’ve managed to put the Bosox Drakes set together.