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Saturday, May 5, 2018

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 12: Tom Boerwinkle, Slabbed A PSA 8

I thought a guy with maybe the whitest name ever was an appropriate post topic for Cinco De Mayo. Here's card number 12 in my 1972 Icee Bear PSA 8 project and the first new addition from the recent large purchase I briefly discussed in my last post. This and the three lesser but still important new cards in that purchase worked out to $7.50 per card which I'll take all day, every day.

Tom Boerwinkle was the fourth pick in the 1968 draft that was fronted by two Hall of Famers in Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld. The seven footer once grabbed 37 rebounds in a game and posted four career triple-doubles.


  1. Nice. I remember this guy playing with Chet Walker, Bob Love, Norm Van Lear and Jerry Sloan. Bulls were pretty good early 70’s

  2. Never heard of the guy (I started watching basketball in the 80's)... but I love the name. Congratulations on #12.