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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Roy Campanella: 1957 Topps, Slabbed A PSA 6 and Stolen In An eBay Coup

I was recently doing one of my daily searches on eBay when I stumbled across a card that just seemed too cheap. I knew I could easily be mistaken and just inflating value because it happened to be a card of one of my all-time favorites, but something felt off. A quick check of sales on VCP revealed the card was basically sitting there at half of what it had been consistently selling for.

I took the risk of making a best offer rather than immediately pulling the trigger. Within an hour the seller had countered me at 10% off his original asking price and I couldn't accept fast enough. For less than a blaster and a half the above gorgeous 1957 Topps Roy Campanella, graded a PSA 6, was mine.

I've long possessed a fondness for the 1957 Topps set and as Campy's last playing-era card it's an important card for my Roy PC. While I do already own one, and I love that copy, I'm always happy to upgrade if the price is right. It was, and I now have a card for the slot in the collection that still has all four corners attached.


  1. Nice card.. congrats! I still need that one for my '57 set. You should give me a shout if you find another one listed way too cheap. lol

  2. That is a beauty! I've got some nice '57s but I don't know that any look that good.

  3. Killer pick-up! I would've snatched that card for under $30 all day long.

  4. Sweet pickup! I've been in the same situation a few times. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to grab it. But there have been a few times I took too long investigating and someone else snagged it.

  5. Dang that's pretty. I don't buy graded, but I lucked into a dealer that has off-condition stuff like that for $15 each. He had a '57 Campy that was still pretty decent that went home with me.