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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Another Brooklyn T206 Pickup: Harry McIntyre, Old Mill Back, SGC Authentic

I spotted another T206 beauty on eBay and bid not expecting to win. As so often happens, my bid held and I could survive knowing it only meant I was adding another tobacco card to my slowly but surely growing collection of T206s.

Harry McIntyre has two poses in the set, with each pose listing his team differently. This variation is the throwing pose with the team in this case being teams as he's listed with both Brooklyn and the Chicago Cubs. It's a beautiful authentic -- likely trimmed -- and I happen to like both poses Harry got in the set. The real selling point was the Old Mill back which while not rare is always appealing to me.


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  2. Fascinating that they list two team names. McIntire (the correct spelling, if B-R is to be believed) was traded from Brooklyn to Chicago right before the 1910 season, so I guess they wanted to get the trade in but not make the uniform seem wrong. Shades of O-Pee-Chee, almost.

  3. Bummer. I was hoping to see what comment the famous Muslim astrologer left.

    Anyways... sweet card. Your vintage collection is insane.