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Friday, July 6, 2018

Another Hal Chase Pickup: 1910-12 Sweet Caporal Pin (Small Letters) PSA 6!

Here's a recent acquisition from eBay that I didn't intend on making but couldn't pass up because the price was too good. I can't help myself when I spot great deals on awesome vintage, especially pre-war vintage.

For under two blasters this beautiful PSA 6 1910-12 Sweet Caporal Pin was an easy choice to pick up. It's the small letters variation and is my second Sweet Cap pin, joining the Zack Wheat I acquired a while back. It's also my second Hal Chase card that I've added, and it won't be the last Chase cardboard I chase.


  1. I really like these pins. Great pickup

  2. I'm sure I'm just repeating myself when I say... dude, your vintage collection is insane.