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Friday, June 22, 2018

Hal Chase: 1911-14 D304 Brunner's Bread, Slabbed an SGC Authentic

Today's vintage pickup looks a hell of a lot better in person, as the color didn't quite transfer over well enough in the scan. Nevertheless it's a card I've had my eye on for a few weeks and a recent 8% eBay Bucks offer was plenty to push me to acquire it then and there. The seller had continuously lowered this card as it sat there and I offered about 25% off his price once the coupon went live.

Thankfully he took my offer and this sweet 1911-14 D304 Brunner's Bread of Hal Chase was mine. It's been slabbed an SGC Authentic and it's the N.Y. variation of Prince Hal's card in the set. It serves as both my first card of the great Yankees' first baseman and my first card from the D304 set.

Chase almost assuredly would have made the Hall of Fame had he not bet on baseball and thrown games. He is seen as potentially the greatest defensive first baseman in history and one of, if not the, first true star in Yankees' history.

The set, full of HOFers, featured at least five different backs. While I don't collect Chase I do like cool and oddball vintage; this makes for a nice addition to that PC.


  1. Very cool card Greg, definitely something you don’t see every day. Nice score!

  2. This card is in beautiful condition for being 100+ years old.

    P.S. Butter Krust sounds amazing.