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Monday, July 9, 2018

A 1954 New York Journal American Freebie: Hank Thompson

A guy recently came into the shop with 14 1954 New York Journal Americans to sell. Most interestingly, they all happened to be of the same player: Hank Thompson. While I usually wouldn't willingly acquire Giants' cardboard, I wasn't going to turn one down when it was offered to me free of charge by my boss.

The '54 NY Journals are one of my favorite oddball sets. I have two cards and both are of the one and only Roy Campanella: a PSA 3 and an ungraded Poor-to-Fair.

I do have a small connection to Thompson: he debuted on my birthday (July 17th). Post-career, he was convicted of armed robbery and led a tough life.


  1. I’m looking for a Dick Williams from this set

  2. Dang. Wish my boss hooked me up with this kind of freebie. It's tough getting him to give me a ream of paper.