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Friday, June 15, 2018

Sam Crawford T206 Sweet Caporal, PSA 2 MK (My First Net54 Purchase)

I recently joined Net54 after a long stretch of knowing about it but never taking the plunge. I knew it was something I should do but was just lazy about it. After joining I figured I might check it out once a week or so. I was beyond mistaken. I also never thought I'd buy something off of the forums before being a member for a while. All it ended up taking was a day or two.

A guy named Mike had a thread where he was selling off excess T206s, things he had upgraded from. The first card I saw listed immediately caught my eye and the price was more than fair. A few quick e-mails were fired off and within a week the above beaut was in my mailbox. The Monster has caught hold of me and I honestly don't want it to let go.

Sam "Wahoo" Crawford - a HOFer who played with Cobb and was a star himself - sitting at that price was too good a deal to pass up. Add in that it was already slabbed in a very eye-appealing PSA 2 (MK) and the decision was an easy one.

I found Crawford to be a really interesting figure after doing some research on him. He signed contracts with both the Reds and Tigers after a few years in the league and a judge had to rule on who he would play with. The Tigers of course won out but had to pay $3,000 to the Reds for his services.

Crawford and Cobb, while they started out as mentor and student, grew to greatly dislike one another. Cobb would eventually help champion Wahoo for the Hall of Fame, something Sam never learned of until Cobb died.

Crawford also played for the LA Angels in the PCL, was head baseball coach at USC, and later umpired in the PCL.


  1. Anytime you can pick up a T206 of a Hall of Famer it's a good day. Beautiful card!