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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

1913 National Game: Roger Bresnahan!

I snagged another new Hall of Famer and oddball item all wrapped up into one for less than a blaster and a half. It is both my first 1913 National Game card and my first card of Roger Bresnahan. It's a wonderful vintage addition.

It's slabbed an SGC 30 and I think it's slightly undergraded. It presents very well for the grade and the back really stands out. The red pops so much more in-hand.

Bresnahan's SABR profile is fascinating and I'd recommend it. He played all nine positions; pitched a complete game shutout in his debut at 18 years old before being released a year later during a salary dispute; was one of the first catchers to bat at the top of the lineup; and helped bring into the game a number of equipment and safety measures for catchers.

Bresnahan also formed a battery with some guy named Christy Mathewson.


  1. That is a great looking card, congrats on the addition!

  2. Love this one. I've started looking hard at the set since it's a great way to find attractive cards of Hall of Famers at good prices.

  3. Beautiful card. My eyes must suck, because I can't figure out what dropped this grade so much.