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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Nancy Cartwright Simpsons' Auto Pickup: 2000 Anniversary Set (i.e. Joy Of A Completed Set!)

It took a lot of patience, eBay searching, and determination but I finally landed a huge auto for my Inkworks Simpsons Auto Project. Between the two years of releases (2000 and 2001) I was down to just three total signatures needed with two being Nancy Cartwright. A couple popped up on eBay and I set my sights first on the BIN/OBO which netted me rejections. I turned to the auction and soon thereafter had the below beauty on its way to me.

Bart! This is Cartwright's card from the 2000 Anniversary Set which is five cards deep. Bart's reaction on the card was essentially mine when I won the auction as I started this quest over four years ago.

Nancy voices Bart, of course, as well as Ralph, Nelson, and a host of others. I'm now down to needing just two voice actresses -- Cartwright again and Tress MacNeille -- both of which come from the 2001 Mania! edition. That would complete this extremely fun and rewarding project which has helped renew my love of The Simpsons. Anyways, here are the five 2000 The Simpsons Anniversary Set autographs together in their cartoony glory.

And here is my entire Simpsons' PC.