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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Pair of H. Jon Benjamin 2018 Allen and Ginter Pickups For My Archer PC!

When this year's Allen & Ginter checklist was revealed I instantly knew I'd be dropping coin on singles if they stayed affordable. I wasn't so sure they would remain in range due to the person's popularity but I was hopeful. Thankfully patience paid off and I was able to secure an autograph of the one and only H. Jon Benjamin -- the wonderful voice of Archer on Archer and Bob on Bob's Burgers -- to fill a gaping hole in my Archer Collection.

I ended up landing one of the Ginter X Silver Autos numbered to 25 copies for a very reasonable price. The silver signature on a black card is always a winning combination. I do wish Benjamin had a nicer John Hancock but hey, most athletes/celebrities nowadays don't have anything but hot garbage for their signatures, so I wasn't really expecting much.

Here's a 1/1 Cyan Plate of H. Jon I also secured. It was a bit of an impulse purchase but I'm good with that and it's a welcome addition to the collection. I may seek out one of his relics from Ginter as well just because but it's not a priority.


  1. Nice grabs!

    I also found some pretty good deals on Ginter X autos, when compared with prices on regular Ginter autos. Maybe one day I will post about them.

  2. I really like the Allen & Ginter X autographs, I like the black backgrounds so much better.

  3. Nice pickups. I love silver Sharpie signatures on black background.

  4. Nothing beats his work in Home Movies.