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Friday, October 12, 2018

Judah Jack "Kid" Berg: 1938 Knockout Razor Blades F.C. Cartledge Prize Fighters: PSA 8!

I found a card while rummaging through a collection at work that my boss had purchased. I instantly knew I needed to own it and after trading in a few items, the beaut was mine along with a couple other cards I had my eyes on.

Here's Jack "Kid" Berg from the 1938 Knockout Razor Blades F.C. Cartledge set. What first attracted me to the card was the Star of David on his trunks. Some cursory research reveals he always boxed with the Star on his trunks although he was more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish. That's the same for me, which makes me like the guy even more.

Berg is a fascinating guy. He was the World Junior Welterweight Champion in 1930; the British Lightweight Champion in 1934; finished with a record of 157-26-9 with 57 knockouts; owned a restaurant, became a film stunt man, and joined the British Royal Air Force post-boxing; and may have had an affair with Mae West.

I don't have much vintage boxing but I enjoy picking up a single here and there if the card speaks to me on some level. Berg, a boxing HOFer, fits that criteria.

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  1. Wow. This guy had one heck of a life. Very cool card. Congratulations on adding it to your collection.