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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

1970-71 Topps Wilt Chamberlain, No. 50, Now Slabbed a Beautiful PSA 3.5!

Updating a previous post, I sent in my 1970-71 Topps Wilt Chamberlain for grading. I knew it would not grade high -- I held out slight hope for a 4 -- but wanted it encased and protected. Which is a good thing considering as I went to scan it in I dropped it down the side of a desk into a dusty crevasse 30 minutes ago.

Easily one of my favorite Wilt cards. He looks like he just returned from leading an aerobics class in the 1970s as disco blared over the p.a. system.


  1. Can't figure out from the scan why this card was graded so low. Beautiful card.

  2. I was going to say what Fuji said...that card is very, very nice for the grade. It's one of my favorites from that set.

  3. Corner wear and a small back crease near one of the bottom corners that doesn't extend very far.