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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ted Williams Pickup: 1940 PM10 Stadium Pins (No B On Cap) PSA 4!

Today's one-card post was entirely an impulse purchase. I placed a bid thinking I'd get outbid while sort of wanting it and sort of not knowing why I kept bidding. As chance would have it the same item sold 5 days later in the same grade for $30 more than I paid while one sold 9 days earlier for $20 more....so thankfully there's that to cheer me right up! Here's the first Ted Williams item to enter my collection:

The back is rusted which likely accounts for the VG-EX grade. VCP lists these as 1940 although I've seen a range of years. It's a cool oddball addition to my Vintage Collection and every collection should have a playing-era Ted Williams in it.


  1. Nice vintage pin. The modern card companies without official licenses could learn a lot from the camera angle here. You can't see the "B" on the cap if it was there. You can sort of make out the "Boston" on his jersey so that would probably have to be blurred for non-licensed stuff.

  2. Getting a good deal on a card definitely helps me justify purchases. This pin is a beauty! Congratulations on adding it to your collection.