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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1925-31 W590 Strip Card Hand Cut, Slabbed an SGC 2!

I recently added a tough strip card to my Zack Wheat Collection via a hard-fought eBay auction held by one of the bigger consignors on the site. I didn't really expect to win it as I was sure the final price would be higher than I was comfortable paying. In the end I was able to not only take it down but also combine shipping with my T206 Double-Name Schlei and walk away a very happy camper.

My 1925-31 W590 Wheat is one of just a handful of completed sales tracked by VCP so I knew the price could genuinely end up anywhere along the fair deal to hell no spectrum. It's a nice simple shot of the Brooklyn Hall of Famer and it presents very well for the SGC 2 grade. Also, the new SGC holders are so nice.


  1. Yeah. I really like the new SGC holders too. And I've gotta invest in the same scanner as you, because they always make your cards look much, much better than the grade on the holder.

  2. That's actually pretty cool that they feature him in a Stl uniform too. Now the question is will you chase the snake skin or lime green donuts parallels?