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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ben Simmons 2016-17 Hoops RC, PSA 10

Here's a card I've had for quite some time but never got around to scanning in and writing up. I picked it up raw from COMC and sent it in to grade through my old job. I was very pleased when it came back a PSA 10. It's just a low-end base rookie but I like the design and simplicity.

I love Ben Simmons' game (despite his current struggles and unwillingness to shoot the ball) so grabbing some rookies of his was always something I wanted to do. I ended up mostly targeting lower-end stuff and his 2016-17 Hoops RC was an obvious choice. I have four or five more of them, ungraded, and they will likely stay that way.

Simmons is one of three number one overall picks born in Australia. Can you name the other two without the assistance of old friend Google?


  1. Andrew Bogut is one but I don’t know the other.

  2. No idea... but as soon as I saw Corky's Bogut response... I knew he was right. I remember local sports radio talking about him playing over there before coming back to the NBA.

  3. Sweeeeet card. I’d love to get a 10 sometime. Corky beat me to Andrew Bogut. I didn’t realize Patty Mills was #1 overall? Jk.