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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Lloyd Waner 1929 R316 Kashin, SGC 1.5!

Way back in January I made a small impulse purchase off of eBay. I did not have a card from the set; the player is a Hall of Famer I did not own a card of who also played a season in Brooklyn (1944); and it was the cost of a blaster plus a handful of cents. Another day, another unique vintage item added to the PC.

This 1929 R316 Kashin Publications features Lloyd "Little Poison" Waner and has been slabbed a 1.5 by SGC. It pairs oh so nicely with the card I have of his brother Paul "Big Poison" which is also from an oddball release almost a decade later.

Lloyd earned a teaching degree before turning pro; was part of a vaudeville act with his brother in the offseason one year; and became a field clerk for the Oklahoma City government post-baseball.


  1. Admittedly I know next to nothing about grading, but even so, I can't figure out why this card is graded so low?

    1. The pen mark on the left border and there's some writing on the back! But eye-appealing low-grade is my sweet spot so I don't mind one bit.

  2. A 90 year old baseball card of a hall of famer for the price of a blaster and change? F yeah!