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Monday, October 7, 2019

Card Show Recap: They Still Exist.

I spent a number of hours at a local card show in Orange County this weekend with some friends. It was a good time and a nice change of pace. A few more vintage tables would be great but I was still able to find some cool stuff to purchase.

My favorite pickup was this 1962 Post Roberto Clemente Red Lines Variation, slabbed a PSA Authentic. I somehow missed it on my first pass through the show and the table it resided at and thankfully everyone else missed it. It was priced at a very reasonable $15 and I love getting a good deal on a sweet item. It's a great combo and a fun addition to my beyond modest Clemente Collection.

One vendor had a slew of scorecards that were signed. I thought they were pretty cool but didn't want to spend too much on such a random item. I ended up finding the above which was appealing because Max Muncy was playing for the AAA Dodgers at that point (summer 2017) and I don't have anything Muncy in my collection. Plus, the Dodgers were playing the New Orleans Baby Cakes which is a great team name to go along with a great mascot. At $10 it was an easy decision and will be something fun to display on my desk at work.

One dealer had some really nice dollar boxes to pick through and I nabbed the above plus a few others to end up at 11 cards for $10 when it was all said and done. A ripped RIP card /10 for a dollar every day of the week. The Piazza, almost unbelievably, is a set need for a set I don't even want to finish.


  1. Some nice pick ups, really like the scorecard, don't have any of those in my collection.
    If you have any interest moving that McCovey rip card, hit me up. I would happily give you the opportunity to get a nice ROI or trade something your way.

  2. Need I remind you WHO pointed out the scorecard to you?

  3. Wowza. Super jealous of that Clemente! That McCovey was a steal too. Congratulations!