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Monday, October 21, 2019

Young McGovern: 1921 Romeo Y Julieta Black Border, Slabbed a PSA 2.5!

Here's a long-ago eBay pickup I sent in to PSA through my old job and never got around to posting about. I like boxing cards enough to pick one up every blue moon or so. When I saw this set online I couldn't resist and settled on one in my budget. Thankfully, Young McGovern is also a stellar name, so it worked on that level too.

The card hails from the 1921 Romeo Y Julieta Black Border set and returned to me as a PSA 2.5. It's a simple posed shot and I really like the set name on the front of the card. Black bordered cards are also usually dynamite and this issue is no different with those as a prominent feature.

Young McGovern is quite the mysterious figure as I can't find any info online about him. Nevertheless, it's a cool and unique addition to my modest Boxing Collection.

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  1. Awesome addition to your boxing collection. Never heard of Romeo Y Julieta cards. Tobacco?