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Monday, November 11, 2019

2019 National Convention Purchase # 1: Grover Cleveland Alexander 1921 Exhibits, Slabbed a BVG 2!

Here's purchase one from the 2019 National that has been over for weeks.This was actually the last thing I bought after I spotted this card on the final day of the show. I knew it was a player I did not own anything of and after quite a bit of negotiation I was able to land the newest addition to my Vintage PC for a fair enough price.

Alexander was a corn shucker in his formative years; helped the Cardinals win the World Series in 1926; fought in World War I where he suffered injuries that contributed to epilepsy; and has ties to two Presidents, being named after the 22nd and 24th Presidents and being portrayed by future President Ronald Reagan in a movie based on his life.

Here's the back complete with a stamp from a previous owner of the Exhibit, a Mr. Kevin J. Kenney. I like anything that doesn't take away from the presentability (not a word, I know....) of a card while lowering it's technical grade as that helps keep the card affordable. This cool back stamp fits that bill perfectly.

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