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Monday, November 18, 2019

The Crown Jewel of My Roberto Clemente Collection: 1966 Kahn's Wieners Hand-Cut PSA Authentic!

My Roberto Clemente Collection is modest and there are plenty of more important/sought-after cards to chase but the below is by far my favorite Roberto that I own. I found this ages ago while cleaning at my old job at the card shop. I set it aside and there it sat for a long time before I finally asked my ex-boss to send it in to grade so we could better determine value and what I would dish out for it.

I love literally everything about the card: the yellow border; simple posed batting stance shot of the former Dodger farmhand; the facsimile auto; and last but not least the Spring Training background.

It ended up grading as I expected it would, Authentic only due to the obvious hand-cut being what you usually see with hand-cut cards....not perfect and janky. It came home with me on a recent trip back to Los Angeles and I couldn't be happier with the newest piece of my overall vintage collection.