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Friday, February 14, 2020

Satchel Paige Pickup: 1949 Indians Picture Pack, Action Pose (PSA 1.5)!

Satchel Paige doesn't have a lot of cardboard to chase and what he does have is usually pricier than I'd like to dish out. One item that was within my budget and very appealing to the eye turned up at my old job a while back. I picked it up last year and subbed it at work and after providing some research on the set this beauty came home with me in a sweet PSA 1.5 slab.

Part of the 1949 Cleveland Indians Picture Pack set, Satch has an Action Pose and Portrait Pose in the release and the Action Pose is all kinds of AMAZING. It's a simple shot of Paige in his windup in front of the Cleveland dugout with teammates and fans behind him looking on, but it more than does the trick. It presents so exceedingly well for a 1.5 and it's a one of a kind in some ways as it's the only item from the entire set PSA has ever authenticated and graded.

It's a most fine addition to my Vintage Collection.


  1. That's a real beauty! It's a shame that most of the Negro League greats have so few cards from their playing careers.

  2. Wow, that is one awesome picture! That looks like one big graded case too!