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Monday, May 11, 2020

1920-21 W514 Mother's Bread Sam Crawford (with Ghost Image!!!), Slabbed PSA Authentic!

Many moons ago I landed a really tough strip card of a Hall of Famer off of Net54. The set itself is common but the card features a rarely-seen advertising back as well as a sweet ghost image. Presented in PSA Authentic form, here's a truly wonderful 1920-21 W514 Mother's Bread back of one Sam Crawford:

It's my second card of Wahoo, joining a sweet T206 in my Vintage Collection. The W514 set rarely is found with the Mother's Bread advertisement on the back. Combining that fact with the registration shift that gives an amazing ghost image of Crawford and a sliver of another card showing made this a really easy pickup.

Here's the all-important back with the Mother's Bread/Besta Cake advertising. The advertising is either vertical or horizontal with horizontal being exceedingly scarce.