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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trade With $30 a week habit: A Dirty Teemu Selanne Relic, Ryan Getzlaf, and Matt Kemp

I completed my fourth trade with Robert from $30 a week habit. You can find our first foray here, our second swap here, and our third trade here. Finding a bubble mailer in the mailbox always puts a smile on my face, so imagine my reaction when I returned home late at night from my recent Vegas trip to find a big box of goodness from Robert. Inside was my end of our latest trade as well as contest winnings from a great contest Robert had held. Here's what I received in exchange for a Leafs autograph and a numbered dual relic of former Ducks backstop J.S. Giguere.

An absolutely sick Teemu Selanne relic. Robert and I have both been utterly stumped when it comes to deciphering what is on this jersey swatch of the Finnish Flash. My best guess is sweat, which Robert postulated might be the case. It's my second dirty relic, and both have come in trades with Robert. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: it's an AWESOME card, and one I'm thrilled to add to my small Selanne PC. A PC that desperately needs a signature to cement it.

Another Ryan Getzlaf relic for the collection, and it's serial-numbered 145/150. Any new Getz hit is a friend of mine. UD Artifacts is a very aesthetically-pleasing set, which is another positive. With Getzlaf encompassing the top spot in my hockey collection, you know the first card had to be sick enough to bump him to a supporting role in this post.

My fourth 2008 Matt Kemp Allen & Ginter relic. I love Ginter, and it's Matthew Ryan Kemp. Simple as that.

Robert also threw in a #'d and chrome-y Andre Ethier, as well as a couple of random Ducks. The contest winnings will get their own post, probably the first week of the New Year. Or perhaps tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure yet.

Thanks for the trade Robert! Hopefully your end of the deal has already arrived!


  1. Indeed they did, I posted about my end of the trade today. thanks again for the trade, and I hope you got something good out of those packs!!

  2. I did! I'll be posting those contest winnings tomorrow Robert.