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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trade With Cardboard Conundrum: A Dirtbag, A Commodore, and A Seminole.

I completed my fifth trade with Matt from Cardboard Conundrum. You can check out the first here, second here, third here, and fourth here. Matt and I swapped relics straight-up in a three for three deal. You can see what I sent his way by following this helpful link. Moving on to the great cards I received.

First up, the Seminole. I was always a J.D. Drew fan during his time in Los Angeles, and it's unfortunate he could never stay healthy, because he was a really, really good player. This patch was just too awesome to pass up, and it's numbered 044/100. I'm pretty sure the patch is part of the redbird on the front of a St. Louis jersey. Can anyone validate that, or if I'm wrong, alert me to where the patch comes from?

Next up, a sweet Ginter bat relic of Dirtbag Troy Tulowitzki. I once owned this card (not the exact one, but a copy of it), but it was sent to The Quarry in a shipment. I'm happy to finally own it again, and it's a great addition to my Tulo and Long Beach State PCs.

And finally, a nice blue swatch of a former Vanderbilt Commodore, Jay Cutler. Cutler is one of my favorite QBs, and Masterpieces - be it baseball or football - is just insanely awesome and a gorgeous product, so I'm happy to add the card to my collection.

Thanks Matt, looking forward to our next deal!

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