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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trade With My Cardboard Mistress: 38 Big Allen & Ginter Needs Are No More!

I completed my eighth trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress fame. You can check out our first trade here, second here, third here, fourth here, fifth here, sixth here, and seventh here. Adam has been one of my favorite trading partners and one of the best I've ever dealt with, but shockingly it's been almost two years since we've swapped cardboard.

I decided to change that after realizing I had a nice stack of cards set aside for him. I contacted Adam looking to see if he had any of my remaining Ginter set needs and thankfully he had a bunch he was willing to send my way. Adam was able to knock off 38 cards from my '13-'14 lists, including 5 subsets.

The three cards scanned in also found their way to me. That Tulo boxloader is a thing of beauty. I remain perhaps the only Dodgers' fan that loved Chad Billingsley, and the Kuroda 10th Anniversary parallel is pretty nifty.

Adam also tossed in a cool Dodgers' Hot Wheels truck. Thanks amigo!

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