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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dodgers + Vicente Padilla = FUCK NO (UPDATE)

ESPN's Jayson Stark is reporting the Dodgers are considering signing former Ranger Vicente Padilla. I'll make this short and simple: I don't care that the Dodgers would have to pay Padilla so little that even Frank McCourt wouldn't hesitate, and I don't care that Padilla threw 5 scoreless innings against us earlier this season. Padilla is an awful pitcher. Period.

Kershaw just has the flu, and it looks like Kuroda will return at some point. So that's Kershaw, Billingsley, Wolf, Kuroda, and Haeger. Even taking Kuroda out, that's just the 5th spot in the rotation the team needs to fill. We have better in-house options (Scott Elbert, James McDonald) and as it stands filling the 5th spot in any rotation isn't really that important, especially once the postseason roles around. Hell, I'd rather have Jeff Weaver.

Padilla would just be making 5-8 starts the rest of the year, then pitch out of the bullpen in the playoffs. You're telling me Elbert or McDonald, or both, can't do that?


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