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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Joy Of A Completed "Set": Manny Ramirez and His (1992) Rookie Cards

My recent trade with Mark completed my quest for every Manny Ramirez Rookie Card. Here they all are, finally, scanned.

I know what you're all thinking. Why the hell does he have not one, but two, graded Manny RCs? What can I say; I was very, very new to collecting, and they jumped out at me when I was perusing eBay. We all make mistakes. At the least, they were rather affordable.

Here they are individually, in my order of preference.

1992 Topps:

1992 Bowman:

1992 Donruss:

1992 Stadium Club:

1992 Upper Deck:

1992 Score:

1992 Pinnacle:

And finally, the one Manny RC parallel I own, which would slot very, very high on the above list if I were to have included it.

1992 Bowman Foil Parallel:


  1. Sweet collection. I say crack those slabs open.

  2. Looks good all put together, and always happy to help out.

  3. Adam- I almost feel like leaving them in their tombs is a reminder to think twice before an eBay purchase haha. But I might one day!

    Mark- Thanks again!

  4. The gold Bowman Manny has a different number, right? So it's not really a parallel. Feel free to put it in the regular list.

  5. True enough. I need to stop calling it a parallel, even though it feels like a parallel on some level.

  6. I agree with my friend from Va Tech, bust Manny free.

    The Stadium Club card is awesome, it is very high school year book. I also like his sweet Jordans on the Bowman gold.

  7. I never noticed that about the Stadium Club card! He's so damn young there haha.

  8. Greg did you get the card I sent you?

  9. Kevin, it arrived earlier today. Thanks!