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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trade With Manupatches & Mustaches: Russell Martin Stars In Oh Starry Night Part Deux, Alex Gordon Is The Future, and Clayton Kershaw Is A BOSS.

I completed my third trade with Eric from Manupatches & Mustaches. You can find the first two - back when the mustaches were simply chrome scratches - here and here. My end of our latest swap saw a pair of autographed manupatches and some randomness head Eric's way. In return, he sent me these great PC cards.

I have the /60 parallel of this very card featuring a black jersey piece, so to get another variation is awesome. This red swatch is serial-numbered 58/60. I'd postulate the black comes from the shoulder area, and the red comes from....well, that much is obvious. Looking at the jersey Russ is wearing, there's more than likely a tan jersey version of the diamond parallel as well. If anyone sees one, please let me know! If anyone has one they'd be willing to trade or can somehow snag one, I'd make it worth your time.

A nice and colorful Alex Gordon relic. There's just something about a red piece of jersey that I really, really like. My Gordon PC is small but pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

Eric also sent me Clayton Kershaw's true rookie, and at the time, I had failed to mark it off of my Want List, as I had acquired two copies. But I'm more than happy to snag another, and it's actually headed off in another trade to a happy and loving Dodger home. Eric grabbed the Martin and Clayton from eBay specifically with me in mind, and I very much appreciate him taking the time to find me some great cards! He wasn't done, as he sent along a Jonathan Broxton Ginter Back Mini from 2011 and knocked off some other Ginter needs: twelve base (three of which are SPs) and a Hometown Heroes, which just so happens to be of the reigning Cy Young Award Winner, Mr. Kershaw, who comes out of Dallas, Texas.

Thanks for another great trade Eric! Oh, and if you have yet to, or would like to earn another entry by promoting, my contest is still open!


  1. Glad they made it to you a-ok! Got your cards today and I'll give them a proper write-up once the mustache madness has ended! Thanks!

  2. Awesome Eric, glad they arrived. Thanks again!