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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Trade With The Daily Dimwit: UCLA's Chase Utley and Long Beach State's Troy Tulowitzki Are Reppin' My Alma Maters

I completed my fifth trade with the great Sam, who runs The Daily Dimwit. You can check out our first swap here, our second deal here, our third trade here, and our fourth encounter here. Sam is one of the best trading partners I've had the pleasure of dealing with, and this trade is no different in its awesomeness. Sam sent along two great cards which represent my Alma mater and soon to be Alma mater.

First up, former Dodger draft pick (damn, I'm tired of having to type that and then feel sad inside) Chase Utley, the pride of Westwood. I love Gypsy Queen hits, and I'll never tire of adding a relic of a future Hall of Famer to my collection.

The second and final card is a super sweet parallel from 2007 UD Masterpieces of Long Beach State alum Troy Tulowitzki. This rookie card parallel is numbered 25/50. I'm unsure of which parallel it is, and I'm too lazy - at the moment, and generally-speaking - to go and look through the one blogger's blog that features a Masterpieces Collection like no other. So if anyone knows which parallel this is, I'd appreciate your help. Whatever parallel it is, it's a great addition to my Long Beach State PC.

Thanks for another truly swell trade Sam!


  1. I think it is Hades. It is on my wantlist, just in case you ever decide to trade it. Nice cards.

  2. Is that the only Utley I sent? I thought I was supposed to send 2. If you didn't get it that means I put it in the wrong envelope. Let me know!

  3. Thanks for the info Johnny....you'll be the first to know if I part with it.

    Sam, the other Utley arrived safely, it's getting its own trade post tomorrow!