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Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Make Me Beg....

You to join my card draft. We have five participants so far (Tunguska, give me a heads-up when you'll be paying), and I'd love to get to at least ten. There's a ton of stuff up for grabs. Rookies, autos, relics, miscellaneous randomness (which is what we all truly yearn for when we bust open a bubbler). All of the pertinent information can be found here. Would more Erin Hawksworth sway you guys (and gals?) to join? Because I can obviously and easily accommodate that request I just assume you all have.

You know you want to....join my trade bait draft.

Yeah, that's what you're all thinking about right now.


  1. Just a suggestion, maybe show some of the cards that are up for drafting. That may entice more people to sign up.

  2. Are you going to run with as few as 5?
    If so I'll pay up right away.

  3. Spiegel- Yeah, I've considered that all along. I guess I wanted there to be some mystery haha. But I'll probably have to do that....

    Kyle- You can draft her if you want, I just can't come through and make it happen. Cause she's mine, all mine!

    Tunguska- If it comes to that, yeah, but I'm going to try and drum up a few more people. The draft won't begin until the end of this upcoming week as I attempt to fill up the remaining spots. Anytime before Friday the 10th works for payment.