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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trade With Pirates Treasure Room: Kershaw Reigns and Other Fun Stuff.

I completed my second swap with Brian of Pirates Treasure Room, who has the most insane Andrew McCutchen collection I've ever seen and a Gerrit Cole PC I'm massively jealous of. I sent Brian a Bryan Bullington on-card rookie auto a while back, and before our trade could be completed our blogging Brian became severely ill. Thankfully, he's all better now, and I'm happy to see him back and healthy and repping the Pirates. Here's what I got in return for that on-card John Hancock:

A sweet dual relic of the Texas Two-Stepping Kid K with former Padre Jake Peavy, and it's numbered 116/235. It makes relic number seven in my Kershaw PC, and my twenty-fourth hit overall. I have no idea what color the Peavy is due to colorblindness. But it's a nice color regardless, somewhat calming actually. That's the trade we agreed upon. But Brian didn't stop there. He sent me so, so much more, that I will be in debt for quite some time.

An awesome Shawn Green dual relic! It took me a while to deduce what the blue jersey swatch was from, since blue on a Dodgers jersey is the team name on the front, and that would make the swatch a patch. But it's as true a jersey piece as a jersey piece could be, and then it dawned on me after actually reading the front of the card: the blue is from a batting practice jersey.

Brian added a second new Kershaw to my collection with the above 4-in-1 red-bordered Goudey. Man, UD put out some beautiful stuff.

Next up, a number of awesome random Dodgers, including RCs of youngsters Jerry Sands and Rubby De La Rosa and a fantastic insert of Dee Gordon. A new Paul Konerko as a Dodger makes an appearance, as does an early Pedro Martinez card, which simultaneously brings back memories and enrages me.

Next up is the Dodgers Legends portion of this post. The Koufax is a genuine '75, which is ridiculously cool. The Jackie Lineage photo is just nails. Nails. I also really love the Heritage Flashbacks featuring Dodger Stadium. A great, great, great shot.

Three more Piazzas to add to my Mikey binder. The 1994 Donruss insert is by far my favorite of the three. Retire his number already Dodgers. Memo to the new owner: that would be a great place to start your overhauling of the team and revamping of the good image the club once had.

Finally, assorted randomness including three sweet Ducks, most prominently my main man Ryan Getzlaf. The Manny '09 OPC says "PREVIEW" on the back. Perhaps Robert (or anyone else) could shed some light?

Thanks for the great trade Brian, and welcome back! Here's to your continued good health!

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  1. Glad you got the cards and enjoyed them. Looking forward to our next trade.