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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trade With $30 a week habit: My First Redemption Is A Dirtbag. Plus A Black-Bordered Canadian Kershaw.

I completed my fifth trade with Robert from the great $30 a week habit. You can check out our first foray here, our second swap here, our third trade here, and our fourth deal here. I spotted and inquired about a unique card Robert pulled and posted, and we soon had another trade in the works. I sent Robert a Clark MacArthur auto and one card from his 1977 Topps needs list, and received these sweet cards in return.

My first redemption (that I'll actually redeem, as I have a pair sitting in my trade box that I may just end up redeeming eventually), and it's of former Long Beach State Dirtbag and current National Danny Espinosa. I've already created a Topps account for myself and entered the redemption code, so the waiting begins. Topps tells me the card will ship on May 10th. So a long wait it shall be. When this redemption arrives - barring any unforeseen acquisitions which could easily occur considering the estimated shipping date above - it will mark my first autograph of Espinosa.  Robert also sent along a new Clayton Kershaw I'm stoked to finally have.

Black-bordered cards can't be beat. Not by many things, at least. I also snagged two other cards for a pair of my smaller player collections from Robert's 2009 OPC obsession.

Thanks for another great trade Robert!

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