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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blame Canada For This Great Deal On An International Russell Martin Jersey.

I came across a poorly listed Russ Martin relic on eBay, and I'm happy I took the time to read the item description. Had I not, I would have almost certainly missed out on my newest Russ hit, a great addition to my Martin Collection.

This sweet red swatch is the black refractor parallel /25, and my copy is numbered 23/25. It was had for a measly 99 cents plus shipping, and has a nice bit of seam included in the bright red jersey piece.

I really love the design of these WBC relics, and I'm happy that Martin was included in the checklist.


(...Joe) said...

I often find myself blaming Canada for most things. What was the item description?

Arno said...

Is that from 09 Bowman Sterling?

Greg Zakwin said...

Joe- Item wasn't listed as numbered, but it was in the description itself.

Arno- Yup yup.

Hackenbush said...


Greg Zakwin said...

The best thing Robin Williams has ever done.