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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Ultimate Ryan Getzlaf Event-Worn Relic.

Another Ryan Getzlaf photo shoot rookie relic to add to the collection. Thankfully these are cheap, because I sort of feel like a fool each time I buy one. I mean, Getz did wear the relic, but in a photo shoot. Meh, the price you pay when you're a player collector.

An Abraham Lincoln bill and coin netted me this newest addition, numbered 077/250. That crease in the bottom right corner of the relic must have happened in transit, and I didn't even notice it until just now. Oh well, nothing that can be rectified at this point.


  1. Man! You're Getzlaf collection is getting pretty impressive. I wish I could focus more on my Penguins jersey cards, but they're too crazy expensive.

  2. Thanks! I've been really hitting the Getz PC hard this year, more so even than my main three baseball guys. Still have a ton to post on!

    Thankfully most of the Getzs aren't wallet-breakers haha. Most....