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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trade With Collector's Crack: Longo and The Bison.

The perfect title for the most awesome buddy cop movie (or buddy cop-animal movie) ever. I completed my fifth trade with Mark from Collector's Crack. You can check out our first swap here, second deal here, third trade here, and fourth cardboard transaction here. In exchange for a 1963 Topps card he needed, Mark kindly sent me some of his 2012 Heritage pulls.

The primary get for me is the sweet Evan Longoria bat relic above. I really enjoy the Clubhouse Collection relics from each Heritage offering, and the fact that Longo's bat slice has some texture to it makes it an even cooler add to my Long Beach State PC.

Floating head! Mark sent along this phenomenal Matt Kemp sticker, complete with everybody's favorite old-school feature, floating heads. A fan of beards, Matty's awesome facial hair also stands out to me.

Hammerin' Hank and Mr. Should-Haven-Been-2011-NL-MVP, together on one card? Fantastic.

Thanks for the great trade, Dirtbag bat, and two awesome new additions to my Kemp PC Mark! I hope you enjoy what's already headed your way!


  1. More than welcome. Has it been 5 trades already? Geez time flies!

  2. Indeed it has! Here's to five more!