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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trade With Night Owl Cards: One Dodgers Fan/Collector Hooks Up Another.

I completed my fifth trade with fellow Greg, Greg, from the legendary Night Owl Cards. You can find the first here, second here, third here, and fourth here. Our late night friend was interested in a duplicate Josh Lindblom Sterling RC Auto I had, and sent along some nice PC additions in return for the John Hancock.

First up, The Bison. I believe this is an exclusive retail parallel from Target. I think....

Next up, Mr. Cy Young, Kid K. All chromed out, which my scanner isn't terribly fond of. Kersh is numbered, 0248/1962.

A Ginter mini with a Ginter Back! Wooo! My Russ PC continues to chug along nicely as it nears 200 cards.

I requested a wrapper from Greg when he posted some Heritage, because Dirtbag alum Evan Longoria graces said wrapper, and I won't be buying any myself. He kindly obliged my request.

Finally, random awesomeness. Campy, Sandy, Jackie, and Duke (in cloth form) shall always be scanned.

Thanks for the great trade Greg! Oh, and since you once upon a time requested every trade post with you must contain photos of a certain someone....

And of course, because you're the Grand Poo-bah of bloggers (I realize the term has a negative connotation, but I'm taking it back), the best picture of my future wife must make an appearance.


  1. I absolutely hate commenting on my phone. So you Know you got my attention! Very nice pictures!

  2. Haha, thank you sir, I thought you might enjoy them! Thanks again for the swap, hope the cards have made it to you already!