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Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Box Break # 2: 2010 Just Minors Mystery Mini Bats, Part 1.

After breaking the Panini All Goalies throw-in from D&A, I chose to tackle the non-card product of my birthday gift next. I really liked the checklist for the Mystery Mini Bats, and the sale and thus great price on the product sealed the deal. I had two boxes to bust, and the first of said two boxes yielded the below:

I couldn't recognize the signature on its own, so it was off to the COA Just Minors included, and after reading it, I did in fact recognize the name and the player's team. The above mini bat was signed by Junichi Tazawa, a righty in the Red Sox organization who's had a few cups of coffee in the show. He was signed out of Japan a few years back and had some decent publicity around his name. The checklist online states he signed 25 blonde serial-numbered bats, but the sticker on the bat knob, the COA, and the box itself state the bat is actually out of 20 (6/20, to be exact).

It's a pretty cool product, and though I got a guy I'm not that familiar with and don't collect, he does have some potential, so it'll be interesting to see what the bat could become if Junichi makes it to the bigs on a permanent basis after Tommy John surgery in 2010.

My second Mystery Mini Bat was long-ago broken, and will be posted this upcoming Monday, August 13th. It's quite the interesting pull, so check it out por favor.


  1. Nice pull. He was signed as a youngster out of Japan. I think before he made it the the Japanese League.

  2. Cool pull... although it would have been cooler had he signed his name in Japanese.

    Either way... I hope he becomes the next Darvish, so you can cash in.