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Monday, May 6, 2013

Trade With Cardboard Heaven: A Zack Greinke Royal Trifecta and Matt Kemp Goes Out of Bounds.

I completed my sixth trade with Cam of Cardboard Heaven fame. You can check out the first here, second here, third here, fourth here, and fifth here. Cam was in possession of a Matt Kemp card I wanted to get my hands on, and as time went along we expanded the deal into another epic trade.

Let's start with something my collection was lacking: a Zack Greinke autograph. It hails from 2007 Fleer Ultra "Ultra Graphs" and is numbered 120/199. Whenever he gets himself a Dodgers' signature or two, I'll be looking to add one, but for now one of him as a Royal will work just fine.

The original card that started our trade talks. It's the phenomenal "Out Of Bounds" SP of The Bison from 2013 Topps and I'm really happy I didn't buy one from eBay to placate my desire to acquire it. What a shot of Matty.

A Greinke Gold RC to go with my new John Hancock. I already have the regular base chrome version of this 2002 Bowman rookie (acquired from Dennis) so I was happy to land this parallel version.

Why not complete the entire Trifecta in one deal? Cam sent a relic of ZG from '11 Topps Heritage. There won't be a huge effort to complete the Pentafecta, though.

A HanRam RC from his BoSox days. Injured again....2013 is the year of injuries in all forms of baseball.

3 more new Mattycakes. That brings my total to just over 230 unique Kemp cards.

Finally, some randomness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about the white Duke Gypsy Queen card. So awesomely amazing.

Thanks for another stellar deal Cam!

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