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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Drysdale Auto and a Sparkly Glow in The Dark Custom Archer Sketch Card!

I recently was the lucky winner of one of many contests held by Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. He allowed me to choose from a number of lots that were part of his many contests, and once I found out I had come out on top, the decision was an exceptionally easy one.

There was absolutely no way I was passing up an on-card 1993 Nabisco Don Drysdale autograph once I found out I had won Gavin's contest. I do own one Big D signature (a postcard I showcased a while back) but considering how good Don was and how pricey his signature can be, I'll take as many as I can get my mitts on. Oh, and they're sort of hard to come by as well, so that factors in.

A custom Archer 1/1 sketch card! I have posted endlessly on my love for both the show itself and Cryptozoic's release of a wonderfully amazing Archer set brimming with original 1/1 sketches. Gavin recognized that passion I have and actually took time out of his day to create the above piece of tremendous art. I really appreciate the thought -- and the cool sketch -- and it reminds me how many people we have in our blogging community capable of sketching cool things (Gavin, A.J., Alex). I can't draw to save my life, so I'll just sit back and enjoy these as a fan.

The back of Gavin's original sketch. Yes, this is most certainly the definition of badass, and it does indeed sparkle and glow in the dark, which is just all kinds of cool! It's only appropriate Archer is wearing his night vision goggles in Gavin's sketch. It will find itself a place with the rest of my Archer PC, and it's already been added to my PC on Photobucket.

And here's the COA Nabisco sent out with the Drysdale back in 1993.

Gavin also sent along an Andy Green auto that was part of the Drysdale lot. I'm about to put together a trade package for a D-Backs' fan, so that will be headed his way, as this trader will appreciate it more than I ever could.

Gavin, thanks for the fantastic cards, the sweet custom, and the great contest!


  1. Glad you like it all! The sketch card was fun to do.

  2. Does that autograph read, "Donald Drysdale"? No doubt, sign your name "Donald" if you are The Don.

    Great cards!

  3. Great sketch, but an even better auto. Congrats!

  4. Great cards, but you didn't show the best one...the Andy Green auto! That's okay...I hope to see it soon!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Gavin- I love the stuff! Thanks once more!

    Zach- Though it appears that way, it actually does say "Don." I feel like doing a post on it one day. Perhaps....