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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trade With It's like having my own Card Shop: Ginter Needs, Utley, Tulo, Weaver.

I completed my second trade with Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop. Daniel accidentally bought a blaster of '13 Ginter when he was aiming for '14 Ginter, but thankfully for me he pulled five inserts I very much need as I continue to attempt to finish the last 3 years worth of A&G (help me out, dudes and dudettes).

The five additions to my Ginter Quest.

Floating head sticker Chase Utley! Daniel sent along some random cards of a couple of guys I collect in Chase Utley (UCLA, former Dodgers' 2nd round draft pick who didn't sign) and Troy Tulowitzki (Long Beach State).

Finally, this Jered Weaver jersey swatch (another Dirtbag!) fell out of the bubbler, and as I haven't focused much on my tertiary PCs in a long time, it's a much appreciated hit. I fortunately had a D-Backs' hit I could send back in return.

Thanks for the trade Daniel! Hope you enjoy the cards headed your way!

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  1. Glad you to help out with your A & G needs and glad I had a few additional cards for you.