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Thursday, August 7, 2014

From The Cuban Missile to The Hebrew Hammer, Chavez Ravining Delivers.

Alex from Chavez Ravining fame let me know that a surprise package was on the way. He said I'd like its contents even more than an auto-relic I won in a contest from him, and boy was he spot on.

Puuuuuuiiiiiiiig! This Rookie Cup Target Red Parallel (I assume it's the Target variation) is a new addition to my #ManBearPuig PC, and it's a great action photo of The Wild Horse rounding third. Heck, I think I even see Clayton Kershaw lurking in the background!

I'll be putting together the Pastime's Pastimes subset once my quest for 2014 Allen & Ginter begins, so getting Evan Longoria's card is a nice start when I haven't even purchased any '14 Ginter as of yet. The former Long Beach State Dirtbag lists his pastime as animals.

Alex included a note which said the big card in the bubbler was a freebie from his LCS, something he thought would fit into my collection and heart perfectly. Okay, I added that last part, but he was right to believe I'd love anything Al Rosen, let alone a brand new Hebrew Hammer John Hancock my collection was previously without.

Thanks as always dude! As usual, I am greatly in your debt.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards!!

    That Puig is the Target parallel, and I may have some other colorful dupes to throw your way.

    I'm glad I noticed that Rosen Auto on my way out of the shop. I was chilling with the LCS owner for about an hour after buying some cards. I pulled diddily squat, so perhaps the Rosen was a pity card.

    Either way,I got it for free. Can't beat that price.