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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trade With The Underdog Card Collector: Gerrit Cole USA Auto-Relic, Kemp, Kershaw, Trout, and Most of 2011 Gypsy Queen.

I completed my first trade with Zach from The Underdog Card Collector. Zach is a fellow Anaheim Ducks' and San Diego Chargers' fan, so he already gets bonus points in my book. Zach and I agreed to a big trade, and based on a recent e-mail from him, it seems he enjoyed what headed his way. I certainly love everything I received, so let's get to the Vanna White-ing portion of the post.

My favorite card, by far, is this sweet auto-relic of former UCLA Bruin and number one overall pick Gerrit Cole. It's my third John Hancock of the Westwood product, and it's serial-numbered 578/799 to boot. Team USA stuff is always a welcome and -- in this case -- added bonus.

Zach sent along two new additions to both my Kemp and Kershaw PCs.

A quartet of Mike Trout cards. That black Ginter mini is just nails. I'd love to one day put together a Trifecta of baseball's best player, and a Pentafecta would be the ultimate, ultimate goal.

I requested some non-Dodgers as well, with the ones I'm keeping scanned in above. The ones I acquired that you don't see were picked up with particular trading partners in mind.

Finally, Zach was offering up large lots of various sets and I pounced on a near-complete set of 2011 Gypsy Queen. I was fond of it when it was released but I never bought a box and the product quickly became pretty pricey. Picking up the lot was an easy decision, as it arrived with 309 of the 350 non-SP base cards. I'll probably end up going after the 50 SPs as well because why not.

Thanks for a truly fantastic first trade Zach! It'll be the first of many, I'm sure!


  1. Right on, Greg!

    I'm super stoked you like the cards and I do hope you build up the GQ set.

    After a flurry of work, I finally got the *few* cards you sent to me posted.

    I think you broke my scanner.

    Seriously, thanks for the trade and great post! The cards look awesome in your collection.