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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Free Ryan Getzlaf Hit? Hell Yes.

I'm generally fairly good at remembering which autographs reside in my Ryan Getzlaf PC, but sometimes the relics I have do not jump to the forefront of my mind as easily. Such was the case when my good buddy Mike -- who ran my old LCS and now manages the sister store to the card shop I work at -- brought me a new Captain Getzy because he's just an awesome dude.

I would have bet money I already had this 2005-2006 UD Rookie Threads sweater swatch of my main man but I would have been just as happy adding a second one as I am knowing now that it's a brand new addition to my collection. Seriously, I'll take any and all Getzs. Mike is a Kings' fan so I know it's not a big loss for him. Also, this was apparently at his old store every time I ventured within its confines, which begs the question of how I walked away every time without buying it.


  1. I'm a Kings fan myself, but gotta love those Ducks logos.

  2. Well, if it was loitering around Kings territory and you'd passed it by all those times...it was fated! Congrats on the killer freebie!

  3. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. I'm a Kings fan myself, but I can appreciate a nice slice of cardboard when I see it. Cool card.

    Sorry to add an ATTBAT pimp, but...for some unknown reason, my blog is not updating on anybody's blogrolls, so please be sure to stop by ATBATT and check out my latest blog post :)

  5. Thanks dudes!

    Mike, many thanks again!

    Oscar - Blogger sadly does that quite a bit. Checked it out! Good luck man!