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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My 50th Matt Kemp Auto!

As Matt Kemp autographs continue to be affordable I continue to seek out new additions to my Bison PC, and those of the signed variety stand out even more as necessary gets. Upper Deck Spectrum is one of my favorite sets (I'm going for the Russ Martin '08 Spectrum Swatches Rainbow) and when the below Matt Kemp popped up on eBay, I couldn't jump on it fast enough.

Numbered 02/35, this Mattycakes auto-relic hails from the Spectrum Swatches subset of 2009 UD Spectrum Baseball. I already have the patch variation /25 that features a nice red piece of number so this makes for a nice coupling of cardboard.

It's also my 50th John Hancock of my favorite player! Wooooooo!